Pretty Heart Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Hearts carry a special symbolism and can represent something that is very near and dear to you. When creating your pretty heart tattoo, think about what you want it to mean and make sure it will ha... Read More »

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If one gets a neck tattoo (or facial tattoo for that matter) is one pretty much ever writing off having a job?

My boyfriend has neck tattoos and he has had trouble in the past trying to get a job. Even a warehouse job turned him away due to his neck tattoos. It depends on the job field your trying to go int... Read More »

Why is my heart rate pretty fast even though I am an athlete?

At 13 you are pushing your body WAY to far To much exercise will ask a lot from your heart and there will be some stress due to all those activity Drop at least ... Read More »

Is it possible to get a tattoo... on your HEART!?

no, your organs do not have protection (skin) from the ink and the damage caused by tattoos. it might be possible, but think of the insanely high risk associated with such a dangerous operation. pl... Read More »

What does tattoo with anchor and heart in it mean?

It could mean that they are anchored down by love