Preteen Hairstyles?

Answer Preteens often prefer hairstyles more mature than their younger siblings yet not as complicated as many older teen hairstyles and cuts. Preteen girls should be able to pull their hair back in a cla... Read More »

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Preteen Pagent Hairstyles?

It is not an easy task to find a hairstyle for a preteen participating in a pageant. The look needs to be true to the girl's age. The style also needs to keep up with the contenders, who are sure t... Read More »

How old is a preteen?

a preteen is 12 yrs old andateen is 13-19cuz it has the word teen in ithope i helped

How to Have Fun As a Preteen?

Having trouble having fun in the most important years of your life, The "preteen years"? Here is some cool advice to actually have some fun during this time in life.

How to Be a Diva As a Preteen?

You walk in school feeling like a total dope; you have very few friends, and your crush likes that ultra- pretty popular girl, what should you do?