Presto Automatic Fondue Features?

Answer The Presto Automatic Fondue set was manufactured during the 1970s and is no longer on the market. The set can still be found on the Internet, however. The retro-looking set would work well for a 19... Read More »

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How to Make Cheese Fondue (Fondue Neufchâteloise) recipe?

Love cheese? Why not dip your whole meal in it? Here's how to make a great cheese fondue.

Is it okay to fondue with the thin metal fondue pot?

It is OK to fondue with a thin metal pot. Thin fondue pots work best for oil-based dipping and to fry some foods. You also can melt thicker foods such as cheese or chocolate in a thin metal fondue ... Read More »

Presto Coreopsis Plants?

Coreopsis plants are native American wildflowers that are hardy and well suited to North American gardens. Naturally, they live in prairies, open woodlands and disturbed areas. Due to their attract... Read More »

How to Uninstall Presto PageManager?

New Soft Inc. developed Presto PageManager. According to its website, Presto PageManager lets you "scan, share, and organize your photos and documents." The program lets you create PDF files from a... Read More »