Pressure Washing Business Ideas?

Answer While a hose, scrub brush, soap and water are often enough to complete numerous outdoor cleaning jobs, there are times when old-fashioned elbow grease isn't powerful enough to get the job done. Whe... Read More »

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How do I seal a deck after pressure washing?

Let the Deck DryLet the deck dry fully before attempting to seal it. Depending on the weather and where you live, it could take from one to four days to dry completely.Sand the DeckUse sandpaper to... Read More »

Problems Caused by Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing machines, most commonly referred to as power washers, are a staple in the arsenal of handymen everywhere. These innovative machines harness the power of water through an air compre... Read More »

Electrocution Hazards While Pressure Washing a Building?

Pressure washers are high-powered machines that should never be used by children or by adults who don't understand the dangers. The hoses and tips of pressure-washing machines can get clogged and e... Read More »

How a Pressure Switch Works in a Washing Machine?

A pressure switch, or water level control, allows your washing machine to detect when it's sufficiently filled. It can then close the valve from which your home or building's water pressure pumps w... Read More »