Presidents' Day Teaching Ideas?

Answer Presidents' Day is celebrated in the U.S. on the third Monday in February. Initially known as Washington's Birthday, the holiday eventually came to recognize both George Washington and Abraham Linc... Read More »

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Presidents' Day Lesson Ideas for Kindergarteners?

The third Monday of every February is the national holiday of Presidents' Day. While some consider this a celebration of all presidents of the United States, the day originally was intended to hono... Read More »

How many secret service personnel are assigned to ex-presidents of usa. HOW MUCH MONEY DO WE PAY usa EX-PRESIDENTS?

They get 2 trillion a month and get assigned 100 secret secvice people each. They also get their kids to go to president schools like Adams family did and bush.

Secret service code names for presidents and vice presidents?

In regards to the President's security detail, essentially yes. Where ever the President goes he is accompanied by a certain number of secret service agents.

Practical Ideas for Teaching Main Ideas?

Grasping the main idea in a story or paragraph is difficult for most students. Yet this is a concept they must be taught when learning strategies for reading comprehension. The main idea is what th... Read More »