Presenting Group Ideas for Teenagers?

Answer Group presentations are not uncommon in high school and middle school settings. If you are assigned a group presentation project, one of the key things you need to figure out is how to present your... Read More »

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Creative Ideas for Presenting the Bill of Rights?

Teaching the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments of the U.S. Constitution, to students is important because it makes the understand what rights each person has as a U.S. citizen and introduces ... Read More »

Ideas for Presenting Classroom Management to New Teachers?

Part of being an effective teacher is to becoming a master at classroom management. Classroom management involves activities that teachers use to maintain order and control on a daily basis. Creati... Read More »

Best meal idea for large group of teenagers?

Try about 2 kilos of pasta & loads of sauce. You can buy it large jars pretty cheap. Cover it with a couple of pounds of cheese & serve. Ok for veggies & all!Problem is you'll need a very big pan t... Read More »

Invention Ideas for Teenagers?

Teens at the 2006 National Youth Business Competition walked away with thousands of dollars in prizes for coming up with intriguing and marketable inventions.They demonstrated that teens have the a... Read More »