Preschooler Preping for Kindergarten.?

Answer Every child is different, but a typical preschooler should do the following:Count to 20 (may still confuse/skip 15 or 16, practice while washing hands or going up steps.)Write their name or a coupl... Read More »

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How to Explain Sex to a Preschooler?

This is a hard question to answer, when it inevitably comes up. "Where do babies come from?" The answer is simple, it just depends on your parenting style.

How do I teach a preschooler?

Preschool children who are ages 3 to 4 should be taught activities that encourage skill development and provide different ways of thinking and learning. As a teacher, child care provider or parent,... Read More »

How to Homeschool a Preschooler?

Homeschooling can be a rewarding experience for both parent and child. If you plan to start at a young age, there are some special considerations.

Preschooler biting?

A day care knows that young kids learn to bite and have ways of trying to distract them from biting, however they also have to think of the other children in the care center, if this is an ongoing ... Read More »