Preschool teachers where did you get your curriculum?

Answer There are many "curriculums" out there for sale...but please be careful of them...many that aren't nationally known such as Creative Curriculum and High/Scope are often not complete curriculums...b... Read More »

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Ideas for Preschool Teachers Incorporating a Nonviolent Curriculum?

Preschool teachers are being asked to incorporate many different curricula into their classrooms. A nonviolent curriculum, or a curriculum that promotes nonviolent problem-solving, friendship and c... Read More »

Are teachers important in curriculum?

On One Hand: Teachers Are Very Important In CurriculumTeachers are very important in curriculum. There are two types of curriculum: explicit (official) curriculum and implicit curriculum. Implicit ... Read More »

Curriculum Development for Teachers?

All teachers, regardless of years of experience or knowledge of curriculum and standards, participate in some level of curriculum development in each lesson they teach. Rarely does a prepared lesso... Read More »

Differentiating the Curriculum for Teachers?

Differentiated curriculum is a method of accommodating students. Gifted students are students who learn more quickly, understand abstract concepts sooner and can effectively solve problems, while s... Read More »