Preschool teachers where did you get your curriculum?

Answer There are many "curriculums" out there for sale...but please be careful of them...many that aren't nationally known such as Creative Curriculum and High/Scope are often not complete curriculums...b... Read More »

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Ideas for Preschool Teachers Incorporating a Nonviolent Curriculum?

Preschool teachers are being asked to incorporate many different curricula into their classrooms. A nonviolent curriculum, or a curriculum that promotes nonviolent problem-solving, friendship and c... Read More »

Where can I find the best website for preschool teachers?

Try www.CCVillage.comThey charge a small monthly fee, but it's worth it! There are new activities each month, with pictures, clear instructions and printable patterns.They include art, group activi... Read More »

Teachers! What form of writing do you use in your preschool classroom?

As for the type that we use---corresponds with what is being taught in the local schools---ballandstick (traditional).Types of writing: Dictation-Shared writing (more of a small group activity), i... Read More »

Preschool teachers: What was the cutest/funniest thing one of your students said recently?

I did a spontaneous natural science lesson with my Preschoolers by bringing in a thick sheet of ice from our water table outside our door. It had a lot of dry leaves, twigs, stones, etc. frozen i... Read More »