Preschool teacher needs your help... thx alot?

Answer Do you have the book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak?You could show the children his A page for stimulation of ideas.

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What are good colleges to go to if you want to be a preschool teacher and own your own preschool?

You don't have to go to college to be a preschool teacher. You can get training while you work or get your CDA. It would benefit you to go if you plan on being a director or owner. Although you ... Read More »

My first day as a preschool teacher.. questions!... please help!!!?

UMMMMMMMMMMMMM UNLIKE the 1st posters suggestions.....Even though I spank my son if and when he needed it, and I believe taking out spanking in schools and teaching about God really is what caused... Read More »

Help! I think my toddler's preschool teacher is physically disciplining him.?

The first thing to do is think back very carefully on what you asked. The hard part of this age is they will often answer with "yes" answers. So if the situation is another student hit another st... Read More »

How Should a Teacher Communicate With the Parents of a Student Who Needs Help in Reading?

Reading is the key that unlocks the door to much other learning and a lifetime of pleasure. Learning to read comes more readily to some children than others, but children who struggle can overcome ... Read More »