Preschool discussion?

Answer Different types of fish, how they are caught and get to our plates. Shipwrecks, how they provide homes for different creatures and how coral grows on them.

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On wikispaces discussion boards how do you make it so there is one long discussion page as supposed to a few for one page?

T-Mobile, unless you unlock it......which will make the phone usable with almost all companies. However, the features might change depending on the service you use after it's unlocked!

What are good colleges to go to if you want to be a preschool teacher and own your own preschool?

You don't have to go to college to be a preschool teacher. You can get training while you work or get your CDA. It would benefit you to go if you plan on being a director or owner. Although you ... Read More »

How to Lead a Discussion?

Tradition tells us again and again that the best way to learn (and teach) is to sit with a small group and thoughtfully converse about a specific subject. If you find yourself needing to lead a cla... Read More »

My son's preschool staff thinks I take the preschool for granted.?

Try to help out at the school. Like, volunteer to help out with school events and stuff. Just get active and help them out to show you care!