Preschool Turtle Projects?

Answer Most preschoolers can easily recognize a turtle from its hard protective shell. Students might also know that some turtles retract their head and limbs into their shell when frightened. If students... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Preschool Turtle Book?

More than 270 kinds of turtles live all over the planet, in deserts, oceans and even homes. Preschoolers will delight in a make-your-own book project featuring these silly, slow-moving creatures. P... Read More »

Preschool Art Projects?

Art offers a host of benefits for children, including fine motor development, vocabulary development, creative exploration and building listening skills. If you're a preschool teacher, offer your s... Read More »

Preschool Bug Projects?

Preschool children love to observe, imitate and draw the creeping, crawling denizens of the back yard. The child who watches intently as a ladybug scurries across a leaf gains new knowledge about n... Read More »

Zoo Projects for Preschool?

Most preschoolers love animals, so talking about the zoo will interest them. Use a zoo lesson to talk about the differences among animals. Explain that children may pet and feed their own dogs, but... Read More »