Preschool Theme of Helping Others?

Answer Preschool children, by design, are naturally self-centered. Empathy and realizing others need assistance is sometimes hard for a preschooler to realize. While this is age-appropriate behavior, teac... Read More »

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Preschool Games for Helping One Another?

Preschool children are eager to help, but they are also naturally self-centered. It is difficult to discern, for a preschooler, how to help and when to include others in play. There are some great ... Read More »

Preschool Lessons on Helping?

Most preschoolers are eager to be helpful, but they may not know what to do. Young children want to please the adults around them so they'll look to you for guidance. Lessons about helpfulness will... Read More »

Any ideas on helping a preschool child with a speech problem?

You need to talk with that "help." Is it an aid or a speech therapist? You should have a copy of the IEP or educational plan that was worked out with the school. You should have received some s... Read More »

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