Preschool Letter Ideas?

Answer Before children can learn to read and write, they must know the letters of the alphabet backward and forward. It's not enough to simply show preschoolers the letters of the alphabet. They need plen... Read More »

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Preschool Theme Ideas for Letter D?

Make the alphabet easier to understand by teaching one letter a week. Use letter D week to help children learn the differences between similar letters. Explain that a lower-case D looks a lot like ... Read More »

Games for the Letter D for Preschool?

When preschool teachers introduce activities designed to improve letter recognition, they set the stage for a lifetime of successful learning. Teachers of preschoolers know that each letter in the... Read More »

Preschool Lessons for the Letter M?

One of the primary goals for preschool teachers is to instill a strong understanding of the alphabet in their students by the time they move on to kindergarten. There are a variety of fun activitie... Read More »

Letter V Preschool Art Projects?

In preschool, students are learning the letters of the alphabet. Teachers often talk about words that begin with each letter to give students a point of reference. In preschool, students also work ... Read More »