Preschool Introduction to Letters of the Alphabet?

Answer Introducing children to the letters of the alphabet is an important component of preschool learning. Being able to recognize letters, after all, is one of the first steps to reading. But that doesn... Read More »

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Preschool Activities for the Letters of the Alphabet?

Children of the preschool age are ready to dive into the world of reading, and the first step in the process is learning the letters of the alphabet. By learning the names of the letters and the s... Read More »

How to Write Business Letters of Introduction?

A business letter of introduction is typically used to introduce a person, company or product to the recipient. The letter should be polite, clear and no more than one page in length, and succinctl... Read More »

Which alphabet has only 12 letters?

The Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters: seven consonants (h, k, l, m, n, p, w) and five vowels (a, e, i, o, u). Although initially a spoken language, missionaries added a written alphabet during the ... Read More »

Which alphabet has 33 letters?

According to, the Cyrillic alphabet, which is commonly used in Russian-speaking and Slavic Orthodox countries, has 33 letters. The Georgian alphabet also contains 33 letters, whic... Read More »