Preschool Activities on Night & Day?

Answer The first concept of time that preschool-aged children understand is night and day, as they can easily see the difference between the two and know that different things happen during these times. A... Read More »

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Preschool Art Projects to Turn Day Into Night?

As preschool students begin to understand the transition from day to night, art projects are a great way to reinforce their understanding of how the moon trades places with the sun. Transformation ... Read More »

Any ideas for the night sky games for preschool?

Tape stars to the ceiling and have everyone lay down and see what pictures they see out of the stars. You can also count the stars together. Space Scavenger Hunt-Hide stars, planets, etc and ha... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Preschool About Night & Day?

Preschoolers are traditionally between the ages of 4 and 5. When a young child embarks on the first leg of his educational journey, he may be scared, excited, ready to explore or all of the above. ... Read More »

Preschool Ideas for Night Time?

Night can be a frightening and mysterious time for preschoolers. Teaching them about night can make it seem less scary, and play projects in the evening can keep tired children from getting antsy o... Read More »