Preschool Activities With an Ocean Theme?

Answer Oceans are a good subject for preschool, not only because students may already have an interest in the sea and its creatures, but because the topic lends itself to many different lesson treatments.... Read More »

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Preschool Ocean Theme Ideas?

Preschool-aged children are eager to learn and are interested in learning about the world around them. The ocean makes up a large part of the earth and incorporating an ocean-themed unit in a presc... Read More »

Language Arts Ocean Theme Activities?

When engaging students in an ocean-themed unit, consider involving them in language arts activities that focus on the subject. Through these activities, children can gain a greater understanding of... Read More »

Activities About What Plants Live in the Ocean for Preschool?

Oceans make up about 70 percent of the Earth's surface. Under these great bodies of water lives a whole other world of plant and animal life that does not exist out of the water. A popular preschoo... Read More »

Preschool Pet Theme Activities?

If you want to teach your preschoolers math, reading and social skills, plan some activities around pets. Students can learn about how different animals live and what it takes to care for a domesti... Read More »