Preschool Activities Using Recyclable Materials?

Answer In the preschool classroom, the budget for buying new supplies for activities is often stretched thin. Instead of buying new, finding new purpose for old items that would otherwise be discarded is ... Read More »

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Art Projects Using Recyclable Materials?

Instead of throwing old items in the trash, recycle them into something new. Creating crafts out of recycled items is a good way to teach children about keeping our planet green, or to find uses fo... Read More »

Recyclable Materials for Art Projects?

Art materials can be expensive, but you can stretch your budget by using materials that are recycled or that are freecycle bargains found online. These crafts range from fancy crafts that adults c... Read More »

How to Build Skills Using Preschool Activities?

Repetition of favorite activities is one of the best ways to build preschool skills. Careful planning with the needs and developmental levels of your class in mind can help children gain experience... Read More »

Preschool Art Activities Using Paper Towels?

Preschool art projects don't need to be expensive. All that matters is that the project is something kids have fun doing, which is why cheap and abundant paper towels make excellent art supplies, i... Read More »