Preschool Activities Involving Emotions?

Answer Activities that allow preschoolers to discuss their emotions and better identify and read the emotions of others is a key aspect in building emotional intelligence at an early age, which in the lon... Read More »

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How do I teach preschool children about emotions& feelings?

For children to learn to form strong relationships with other people as they grow, it is crucial that they learn to identify and cope with their feelings. Sometimes the best thing to do for a young... Read More »

Activity Ideas Involving Preschool Calendars?

Using a calendar to display the month, day by day, gives preschool students an opportunity to, through daily repetition, learn the months of the year and days of the week. When each day also promi... Read More »

Lab Activities Involving Microscopes?

There are many enriching microscope activities you can use to guide your students of any age through the world of the small although not insignificant. Microscopes are used for viewing objects and ... Read More »

Activities Dealing with Emotions in Middle School?

Emotion is a concept that is difficult to teach. We know it when we see it, but explaining it is more complicated. Developing an understanding of emotion improves children's empathy, allowing them ... Read More »