Preschool Activities Help?

Answer Oh boy do I remember those days...For your line up problem, try the 'Following The Leader' song from Peter Pan, just kind of change the words around (ex-- we're lineing up for outside (inside), fo... Read More »

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So, I need some help with winter themed preschool activities...?

We made snowflake shakers one year. Scissor activity to cut out 2 snowflakes and glue them onto the back of 2 paper plates. Staple part of the way around and put in a few beans. Tape a large craf... Read More »

Preschool Activities That Help Children Learn About Disabled People?

As of 2004, more than 11 percent of students in the United States who enrolled in post-secondary education reported a disability, the National Center for Education Statistics reports. More than 14 ... Read More »

Please Help! I need help coming up with ideas for preschool activites...?

As a large group activity, I once asked all my students to bring in something from home (with the help of their parents) that made their home special to them. Kids brought pictures, blankets, toys... Read More »

Preschool Egg Activities?

Preschoolers are naturally curious about the world around them. Memorable activities help children learn about basic concepts. When teaching a lesson plan on eggs, implement activities that allow p... Read More »