Prerequisites for a Ph.D. in Economics?

Answer The study of economics is a rigorous academic endeavor that requires the knowledge of a variety of specialized areas, including statistics and calculus. In the United States, many universities offe... Read More »

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LVN to RN Prerequisites?

Licensed vocational nurses, called licensed practical nurses in many parts of the United States, support patients, nurses and physicians by performing patient care and administering medications. Th... Read More »

Prerequisites for a PhD?

By earning a Ph.D., you distinguish yourself as an expert in your field of study--before you can do that, though, you need to be accepted into a program. The requirements for gaining acceptance int... Read More »

Prerequisites for Law Degrees?

Understanding how the process of applying to law school works is important for every aspiring lawyer. Every law school in the United States requires applicants to obtain a bachelor's degree from an... Read More »

Prerequisites for Teaching?

Teaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling career, but it also takes hard work and preparation. All states require a degree in education, as well as obtaining a state-specific license. Aside from t... Read More »