Prerequisites for a Degree in Game Design?

Answer The requirements for a degree in game design are almost as varied as the different types of degrees available. Nearly all schools require you to be a high school graduate or hold a GED. Beyond that... Read More »

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Degree Programs for Game Design?

Numerous colleges and universities are responding to the demand for education in game design. You are now able to find bachelor and master's degrees in the fine arts and computer science that have... Read More »

What Are the Prerequisites to Get into a Design School?

Creating ideas, and even being paid for them, is unquestionably a satisfying lifestyle. So it is of little wonder why so many people opt to be professional designers. Plus, this era of modern techn... Read More »

Master's Degree Prerequisites?

Completing a master's program can provide a step up within the professional realm. In some professions, a master's degree is required for entry-level jobs. A master's is also the prerequisite to mo... Read More »

Prerequisites for Graphic Design Classes?

Graphic design is an exciting and dynamic field. Graphic designers create images and page layouts for all kinds of publications, from websites to advertisements. Courses in graphic design teach stu... Read More »