Prerequisites for Teaching French Immersion?

Answer French immersion courses, typically taught in a country in which French is the native language, involve challenging the students to utilize French as a major or sole mode of communication. This can... Read More »

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French Immersion for Kids?

Immersion occurs when you are surrounded nearly 100 percent of the time by the language or culture you wish to learn or understand. Immersion cannot be created in a high school classroom as it is s... Read More »

The Pros & Cons of French Immersion?

In the United States, French immersion schools have existed since the 1950s and are most common in southern parts of Louisiana, where French heritage is still present. French immersion is a type of... Read More »

How to Get Used to Being Back in French Immersion After Being in English for a Year?

Switching languages for schooling can be disorienting although you will probably find that the school shift itself adds to the difficulties of a language shift. Trying to find a settled routine mat... Read More »

Prerequisites for Teaching?

Teaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling career, but it also takes hard work and preparation. All states require a degree in education, as well as obtaining a state-specific license. Aside from t... Read More »