Preparation of Perfumes?

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Reasons to Buy Perfumes?

In 2008, the perfume industry reached a milestone and generated $10 million in sales, according to Pauline Thomas of Fashion-Era. Sales of perfume still are high as of 2010. Knowing reasons why peo... Read More »

Who invented perfumes?

Perfume has its origins in the incense of the Mesopotamians. This was later transferred to Egypt where it was a favorite of the pharaohs and used in burial ceremonies. Eventually, use of perfume sp... Read More »

Top Favorite Perfumes?

Perfume has been used by women for hundreds of years. A wide variety of scents are available including floral, citrus, grassy, musk and spicy. Lighter scents such as floral or citrus are good choic... Read More »

How Are Perfumes Made?

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