Preparation of Acrylic Concrete Paint?

Answer The short term effort required to prepare acrylic concrete paint for application results in the long term benefit of a job well done. Whether sprucing up a concrete wall or floor, acrylic concrete ... Read More »

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Concrete Paint Preparation?

Today, many people add pigments to concrete before pouring it or stain concrete surfaces while they are still new. However, if you have an older concrete surface that is not looking as fresh as it ... Read More »

How to Get Acrylic Paint Off Concrete?

Concrete is a mixture of gravel, sand, cement and water. When the water evaporates from this combination a very strong and durable solid remains. Concrete can withstand much wear and tear, but it i... Read More »

Can I paint acrylic enamel over acrylic lacquer?

Acrylic enamel paint and acrylic lacquer paint aren't meant to be layered one on top of another when painting a car. However, if the vehicle's surface is prepared with the correct primer, you can a... Read More »

Preparation for Pouring a Concrete Foundation?

A concrete foundation is a durable, permanent base capable of withstanding extreme changes in weight, temperature, pressure and weather conditions. The first step in planning a concrete foundation ... Read More »