Preparation for Hibiscus Tea?

Answer Instead of drinking traditional tea, you can make homemade tea with hibiscus flowers. Because there's more than 200 species of hibiscus, the flowers bloom in a variety of colors. They grow outdoors... Read More »

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How to Use Hibiscus Leaves for Mulching Hibiscus?

The genus Hibiscus represents a large and diverse group of flowering plants found in tropical and subtropical environments around the world. From small trees to annual plants, hibiscus trees appear... Read More »

Why Is My Hibiscus Dying?

Hibiscus plants produce showy blooms in vibrant colors. The plants are native to Hawaii and thrive in warm climates. Hibiscus requires little care other than water, occasional plant food and pruni... Read More »

Where can I buy hibiscus tea?

I can buy it at all my local grocery stores. Tazo is a common brand that sells it, and it's pretty good. It comes in a purple or blue box and it's called "Passion." Here's a picture of both boxes s... Read More »

How do i dry hibiscus flowers?

Prepare StemsCollect hibiscus stems that are a no longer than 18 inches with attractive flower blooms. Select stems that have foliage and are free of damage and disease. Remove all leaves from the ... Read More »