Premarital Counseling: Seeking Help Before Saying 'I Do'?

Answer CFP is an acronym that refers to several different concepts. The abbreviation most commonly refers to Certified Financial Planner, call for proposals, call for papers, common fisheries policy and C... Read More »

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Premarital Counseling Tools?

Taking the plunge to say "I do" involves more than choosing cakes and honeymoons. Couples who participate in premarital counseling can look forward to an in-depth look at themselves as a team and... Read More »

Is premarital counseling worth it?

On One Hand: Definite AdvantagesMany relationship experts agree that premarital counseling is easily worth the cost. The site Mama's Health claims that half of all marriages fail, but research also... Read More »

Reason for Seeking an Advanced Degree in Counseling?

Training to become a counselor is a challenging journey that involves a lot of self-examination in order to learn to provide the best support to others. People who would like to train as a counselo... Read More »

What is the counseling form used by the us army when conducting an initial counseling?

the form is a DA Form 4856 developmental counseling form you can find it at