Premanufactured Homes Vs. Modular Homes?

Answer Premanufactured homes, usually referred to simply as manufactured homes, are structures put together at a factory and kept on a transport frame during transportation and use. In contrast, modular h... Read More »

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Are floors insulated in modular or premanufactured homes?

Generally, modular or premanufactured home do not have floor insulation unless it is requested by the homeowner. In northern climes, a thin insulation may be included, however, it won't significant... Read More »

Buying Mobile Homes Vs. Modular Homes?

Modular homes and mobile homes are alternatives to traditional, stick-built homes -- those built by on-site by building crews. They offer several benefits over stick-built homes. The first is price... Read More »

What is your EXPERIENCE with modular homes?

Based on the answers you have received so far, there is a LOT of confusion about definitions of modular, manufactured, double-wides, etc. Your answerers are confusing double-wide mobile homes and ... Read More »

Is there sales tax on modular homes in Maine?

Modular homes are considered tangible personal property, so the state of Maine taxes modular home sales. If the seller is registered in the state of Maine to collect sales tax, and is not building ... Read More »