Pregnancy & antibiotics?

Answer Listen to your doctor. You now have to do everything to protect and nuture your baby.I wish you well.

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Is antibiotics safe in pregnancy?

There are times when we have to take it so consult your doctor in this. The infection you have might be worse then the antibiotics.

You were taking antibiotics and didn't know you were pregnant will that affect the pregnancy?

Answer Tetracyclines can damage the teeth but are rarely used now. I can't think of any other ABs that are a problem but any medication is best avoided if possible.The best person to ask is your d... Read More »

Does a bacterial infection in the cervix and antibiotics taken to cure it during the first month of pregnancy affect the baby?

Answer As long as you told the doctor you were pregnant and were given suitable antibiotics the baby should be fine. If you did not know until afterwards that you were pregnant have a word with th... Read More »

Should I take anything after antibiotics?

Not really anything you can do. You don't say why you have had 2 courses af antibiotics in such a short space of time. Statistically however it has been estimated that between 50 and 85% of all ant... Read More »