Pre school people or teachers i need help?

Answer I use to help out with my daughters classes and I would organize a craft hour. I would go to my local craft store and get all the supplies and then take them with printed instructions and let the k... Read More »

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Are braces cool people are jerks and say no some people yes i think yes if u believe in the whole in high school people will make fun of me thing then try to get them as early as possible?

Braces are definitely cool once they're off! And since plenty of people in high school have them, all it takes is some self-confidence and people will see them as cool too. You can't get them 'as e... Read More »

What Teachers Should Do on the First Day of School?

The first day of class tells students what to expect for the entire semester or year. Don't just show up and expect something to happen -- have a plan. This will not only help the students feel mor... Read More »

To all pre school teachers out there...?

i fully agree with you in this regard. i m totally against giving a pre schooler any homework, for that matter. i m a headmistess in a preschool & we never give homework to our kids.we give very cr... Read More »

Why do people/teachers say that Wikipedia is not legit?

Mostly because they dont understand how it works. Yes anyone can write anything but there is a huge series of checks and balances that make it very legit. It sucks cause theres isn't an encyclopedi... Read More »