Pre school Or stay home?

Answer it is due to her not used to being in that kind of environment. preschool or day care at that age is important

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Should I stay home from school?

Just take some Tylenol and go to bed. I wouldn't skip school though unless you have a fever. Colds make you feel like crap, but it doesn't mean you should just stay home.

How to Know when to Stay Home from School Due to Illness?

Are you feeling a bit queasy, but not sure if its enough to stay at home?

Is a fever of 100.5 bad enough for me to stay home from school?

The general rule of thumb is that if you have a fever over 100, you shouldn't go to work or school for 24 hours because you may be contagious. You may function fine, but you're exposing others to ... Read More »

How to Think Up an Excuse to Stay Home from School?

Are you one of those kids who go to class everyday, you’re never late, and you always get your work done? Do you feel like you need a break? Do you sometimes want to skip class, but you’re too ... Read More »