Pre School Number Activities?

Answer Number activities for pre school children should be easy to prepare, fun to do and based on "taking part" rather than "winning" or "losing." By enjoying number activities, children will want to rep... Read More »

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Binary Number System Activities for Middle School Math?

The binary numeral system refers to the representation of values using only two symbols, 1 and 0. Because of its straightforward usage in circuits, the binary system has been established as the lan... Read More »

How Would Lengthening the School Day Interfere With After-School Activities?

Controversy has arisen over the possibility of lengthening the school day in order to close a perceived achievement gap. In other parts of the world, students graduate with the equivalent of two to... Read More »

Reading and Writing Activities for Middle School and High School?

Once students are in grades four and above, the focus of school changes from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." During middle school and high school, activities that integrate reading and wr... Read More »

Activities to Do With Elementary School Kids After School?

Whether you're a parent, a babysitter or a caregiver at an after-school program, you may be wondering how to keep elementary school kids entertained. Instead of turning on the television or sitting... Read More »