Pre-Reading Games?

Answer As a child learns to read, he may become frustrated. Using games to make the experience fun and exciting often alleviates any worries a child may have about reading. Recognizing letters, learning... Read More »

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ESL Reading Games?

There are many interactive group activities teachers can incorporate into the English as a second language (ESL) classroom to increase students' reading abilities and grammar comprehension. These ... Read More »

Games About Reading?

Reading games are one tool in a teacher's kit of incentives. When reading is presented as a game, children are more likely to enjoy it, and hopefully will be inspired to pick up the habit of readin... Read More »

Map Reading Games?

Maps have been one of the most instrumental tools in human existence. Explorers charted their paths and opened up new territories by virtue of maps. There is a sense of adventure that goes along wi... Read More »

Games to Help Reading?

Teaching children to read is a fun and exciting time for many parents and teachers. While some children seem to be natural readers, the majority need a little extra help in understanding the concep... Read More »