Pre-Negotiation Planning for Business Acquisitions?

Answer Business acquisitions occur when one company attempts to purchase or merge with another. While this is a common practice in the business environment, companies often go through copious amounts of n... Read More »

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How to Write Business Plans for Acquisitions?

Business plans are tools used by buyers and sellers of businesses. Sometimes the management group within the company seeks to purchase the company from the existing owners, or an outside group may ... Read More »

Negotiation in Business Communication?

Negotiations become an important aspect of business communication when resolving issues. Business negotiations can range from a worker's request for higher pay to discussions of an international bu... Read More »

The Differences Between Business Planning and Corporate Planning?

Corporate and business planning are important to the success of any organization. Both work independently of each other, yet without both, plans that move an organization forward would be incomplet... Read More »

Business Planning Vs. Strategic Planning?

The terms "business planning" and "strategic planning" are often used interchangeably by managers and corporate executives. Business planning may make use of a variety of decision-making processes,... Read More »