Pre-Med Requirements for Medical Schools?

Answer Doctors must go through a rigorous training process to obtain their degree. It all starts at the undergraduate level with the requirements for pre-med. These are the classes and tests a student mus... Read More »

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Entry Requirements for Medical Schools?

Preparing for medical school begins long before you start the application process. It is important that you take the right courses, including a variety of laboratory-based science classes, seek vol... Read More »

GPA & MCAT Requirements for Medical Schools?

Becoming a practicing physician is a long and challenging process. The first step is getting into medical school. Begin the admissions process by knowing the GPA and MCAT requirements for the medic... Read More »

MCAT Requirements for Medical Schools?

MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test) scores provide medical school admissions review boards with an idea of an applicant's competence in areas pertinent to success in medical school, such as biol... Read More »

Requirements for Osteopathic Medical Schools?

Osteopathic doctors, also known as DOs, are licensed physicians trained to view patients as whole beings rather than a summation of their individual body parts and internal organ systems. Osteopath... Read More »