Pre-Kindergarten Resources?

Answer Pre-kindergarten is a time for children to work on basic writing, reading and motor skill development, in preparation for entering kindergarten. For teachers, pre-kindergarten can be an exciting an... Read More »

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Resources for Parent-Teacher Conferences for Kindergarten?

A kindergarten parent-teacher conference is an opportunity to build positive relationships with parents and establish common goals for the new student. Because kindergarten students have specific n... Read More »

Kindergarten Activities With Natural Earth Resources?

Natural earth resources are things found in the environment that were not made by man. Utilizing these resources in activities with kindergarten children allows them to learn more about and appreci... Read More »

Are green roofs renewable resources or nonrenewable resources?

A renewable resource is any substance of economic value that can be replenished using less energy than it takes to supply. Grass and other perennial plants are considered renewable resources that h... Read More »

Primary Resources Vs. Secondary Resources?

Students in social studies classrooms need to utilize and differentiate between primary and secondary sources. A primary source is a document or artifact which was written or created during the tim... Read More »