Pre-K Math & Science Creative Curriculum Activities?

Answer Preschoolers learn primarily from the world around them. Capture and keep students' attention by using everyday objects in creative ways to teach the essential foundations of math and science. Inst... Read More »

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Creative Activities for Toddler Curriculum?

A toddler is unique in his needs. He is no longer a baby who can be entertained by a bobbing rattle or a dangling mobile, nor is he a small child who can be taught to cook and sing and use sign lan... Read More »

Creative Curriculum & Small Group Activities for Preschoolers?

Creative curriculum is a pupil-based curriculum for preschool classes in which the pupil leads the lesson and the teacher follows the pupil's natural learning style. Though this method is individua... Read More »

Creative Science Activities for Toddlers?

Even from an early age, children are exploring their world scientifically. We may not realize it, but a trip to the park, bath time and even meal times can open learning opportunities. Toddlers can... Read More »

Activities for Creative Thinking in Science?

Creative thinking for science activities begins with flexibility, and the willingness to continue the scientific process once an experiment is complete. Primary school teachers interested in teachi... Read More »