Praying Hand Tattoo Ideas?

Answer A prayer is an expression of one's faith and the hope that better can come out of it. A set of praying hands works well as a tattoo design, since tattoos are about expressing oneself. Because praye... Read More »

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How to Tattoo by Hand?

Tattoos, though only just now becoming more socially acceptable in American, have been around for centuries. The term is actually taken from the Samoan word “tatau,” meaning “to mark.” In t... Read More »

Bad Tattoo Ideas?

A person can express his individuality and personality through tattoo choice, but even a well-thought-out tattoo can spell disaster. Once you get a tattoo it will stay on you for life; removal is a... Read More »

Hip Tattoo Ideas?

Tattoos can be a form of autobiography that the owner is sharing with the outside world. The images a person decides to place on her body are often of great significance to her and speak to her per... Read More »

Big Tattoo Ideas?

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment. When you get a tattoo, you're making a statement that the image you are putting on your body means something important to you on a personal and/or creativ... Read More »