Prayer Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Many people contemplating getting a tattoo want to choose a subject that holds deep meaning. For those whose lives rest upon a foundation of religious faith, a tattoo designed around a particular p... Read More »

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Ideas for a Preschool Prayer Service?

There are many ways that preschool children can have their own prayer service. They have people or things that they want to pray for, and they should be given the opportunity to do so. Children s... Read More »

Welcome Ideas for a Children's Prayer Breakfast?

The welcoming ceremony or message for a children's prayer breakfast should be designed in such a way to make the children attending the event excited about what comes next. There are several ways t... Read More »

Differences Between a Prayer Veil & a Prayer Shawl?

Prayer veils and prayer shawls may sound similar but they are actually very different. The prayer veil has traditionally been worn by Catholic women during church services and prayer while the pray... Read More »

Some help with tattoo ideas?

I am thinking of getting a blood drop tattooed on my left index finger, I've seen them b4 and they look pretty cool, and only other diabetics will know what it is. Tattoos are very personal, I tho... Read More »