Prawns. I've made a marinade. Can I re-use it?

Answer No, never re-use marinade, unless you heat it to boiling first. That shouldkill any bacteria, but it might change the flavor a bit.

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What do you like with your prawns?

Shrimp cocktail sauce... MMMMMMMMM SHRIMP COCKTAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Save the covered bridges!!!

How to Catch Prawns?

Prawns are a small crustacean species similar to small lobsters. This aquatic creature is popular for cooking and for using as bait to catch larger fish. Prawns are relatively easy to catch using a... Read More »

How to cook prawns like this?

You will need a deep skillet or deep fryer and a lot of oil. You'll also need to make a batter, google for a good fish and chips batter - I think Alton Brown makes one.One thing that is very impor... Read More »

How to Catch Tahitian Prawns?

At the right time and place, it is easy to fill a five gallon pail with these tasty critters - these crustaceans are big, many on them are a foot long from claw to tail. With just a make-shift spea... Read More »