Prairie Dog Hunting Near St. Paul, Nebraska?

Answer Although farmers and ranchers sometimes consider prairie dogs a nuisance, they are an important prey species for other Nebraska wildlife. Because prairie dogs reproduce quickly, the Nebraska Parks ... Read More »

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Prairie Dog Hunting in Montana?

The small, fast prairie dog presents a significant challenge to hunters. Generally regarded as destructive pests by ranchers and farmers, they can be hunted in Montana with few restrictions. Both p... Read More »

Oklahoma Prairie Dog Hunting?

Prairie dogs, which can be found throughout the central plains of the United States, are members of the rodent family and closely related to squirrels. Typically weighing 2 to 4 lbs., prairie dogs ... Read More »

Prairie Dog Hunting in New Mexico?

Prairie dogs live throughout the Great Plains and West of the United States. Close relatives of squirrels and other rodents, the animals typically live in extensive burrows also known as towns. Hun... Read More »

South Dakota Prairie Dog Hunting?

The black-tailed prairie dog is found predominantly in western South Dakota, especially on national grasslands and tribal land. As of 2010 the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Department manages an a... Read More »