Powerchains question?

Answer When you have your next ortho appointment they will take care of any other adjustments needed after the power chain.

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Powerchains - Please help :[?

Powerchains will be put back on until no gaps appear when they are taken off, at least that is what is supposed to be done. When gaps appear after powerchains are off, that just means they need to ... Read More »

Why is in are you smarter than a fifth grader the million dolllar question is a 5th grade question?

because the show is "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?". Any grade higher wouldn't go with the name.

DOCTORS!!! please answer my's a life and death question.!?

Right now you are having a panic attack! Chill out! Take some deep breaths,and relax. I answered some of your other questions,please go back and look at my responses.Heartburn can cause pain like a... Read More »

One quick fun baby name question game! - only one question but one with fun! :)?