Power surge question?

Answer No thats unsafe and will mess up some appliances and you may also cause some breakers to trip !

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Can you fix power surge damage?

I would advise you to buy an new one, you would never know if the repaired one was good as new. A blown surge protector should be considered a disposable item.

Can A Power Surge kill My Television?

Greetings!You say telly, which leads me to think you might be a Brit. If so this may not apply to you. Your tv being somewhat new should have a built in circuit breaker to protect against power sur... Read More »

A question about surge protectors?

Do NOT mess about with surge protectors.It's faulty so send it back. You have been sold a pig in a poke by the seller.Probably why he was flogging it anyway.If it suddenly decides to play up when y... Read More »

How do I get my light and fan to turn on after power surge?

The surge may have taken out the receiver/control module. Call an electrician to replace it.