Power flickering off on an hp pavailion vf15 monitor?

Answer did it flickered a few times before it stoped or it went on for a while? also does it happen whenever you start any particular application or start the windows, or does it happen randomly?The onlyt... Read More »

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My 11 year old Sony monitor sometimes flickers purple, then stops flickering. Is the the beginning of the end?

Hi there. Yeah, one thing you can try is to make sure is the plug going from your monitor to the video card is securely plugged in and screwed in tightly with the two screws at the sides. Sometimes... Read More »

Dell Power Usage - How Much Power Does a Dell LCD Monitor Use in Regular Consumption?

Dell is a known power hog but some of its models have improved usage over the years.The best ones are 22" Dell G2210 and 24" G2410. Both LCD monitors consume just 0.48 watts on standby with an annu... Read More »

How to Monitor USB Power?

The USB port on your computer can be quite a center of activity. Between reading USB drives, charging external devices (like MP3 players) and serving as connection centers for wireless adapters, th... Read More »

How to Fix Lcd Monitor Power Problem?

LG L196WTQ-BFIt is estimated that there are around one billion personal computers around the world, and with every single computer there is also a monitor attached to it. Everyday hundreds of compu... Read More »