Power and how it can be abuse in autisum?

Answer my 3 year old son still not chewing food

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In what ways did the FBI abuse its power?

What is power of attorney abuse?

Abuses of the power of attorney can do great harm, as a person with this authority can take someone's entire life savings. Unfortunately, prosecuting this type of offense proves difficult, and nobo... Read More »

Do mainstream talk shows about abuse raise awareness or just trivialize abuse?

AnswerBoth. Still, they provide an important service. One of the main weapons of the abuser is secrecy. He/she may force victims to remain mum either by threatening them or by creating a "shared ps... Read More »

Are children more likely to commit suicide from name calling verbal abuse or physical abuse?

Not an expert on this stuff but I would say verbal abuse has a much bigger effect than physical. Verbal abuse messes with your mind to where people would be driven to do such a thing as take their ... Read More »