Power Brake Booster Problems?

Answer The power brake booster uses vacuum or hydraulic pressure to increase the force you apply to the brake pedal to slow or stop your car. So an inoperative booster is a safety risk for you and those a... Read More »

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How to Diagnose Power Brake Booster Problems?

Since the introduction of disc brakes, the vast majority of modern vehicles operate with power brake boosters. Boosters increase the force applied to your car's brakes by using a vacuum created by ... Read More »

Brake Booster Problems?

The brake booster uses vacuum diaphragms to increase the pressure to the brake pads or shoes to expand them against the rotors or drums. Without its assistance, the pressure on the brake pedal woul... Read More »

88 GMC Brake Booster Problems?

The power brake booster on a 1988 GMC pickup uses vacuum pressure from the intake manifold to increase the pressure on the brake fluid when the brakes are applied. The brake booster is mounted on t... Read More »

How to Tell If a Brake Power Booster Is Bad?

Power brakes are the standard on just about every automobile on the road. Modern power brake systems can magnify the driver's 50-lb push on the brake pedal into something in the order of 1,000 lb o... Read More »