Pour over coffee or quick brew?

Answer i would not wait in a coffee shop if im going to leave with my coffee and I want it made quickly. But if im sitting down - I would definitely wait for something better :)

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How do I brew tea in a coffee percolator?

Prepare the PercolatorPut the stem in the percolator and fill it with water to the fill line. Put the basket on top of the stem. Fill the basket with about 1 tbsp. of loose leaf tea for every one c... Read More »

How do I brew coffee in a percolator?

Add WaterLook inside the percolator at the interior markings and fill the chamber with cold water to the appropriate marking. Then, insert the coffee basket on the stem and rinse it with water. Thi... Read More »

Can you brew coffee with whole beans?

To brew coffee with whole beans, you must grind the beans first. Ideally, you would grind the beans just before brewing the coffee to get the freshest flavor. Coffee grinders you can purchase will ... Read More »

What is the best temperature to brew coffee?

95-100 Celsius, don't know about fare height sorry