Potty training a 3.5 year old?

Answer I have 1 girl and 2 boys. My daughter was potty trained at 19 months. I took her to the store and let her pick out any book she wanted that was her potty book. She could only look at that book w... Read More »

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Tips on Potty Training for a Three Year Old Boy?

By the time a boy has reached the age of 3, they have developed the ability to know when they have to go to the bathroom and the muscle control to be able to hold it. Usually, if a child is late to... Read More »

Potty Training Tips for One Year Old Dogs?

Most pet owners expect to train or housebreak a puppy when they adopt one. But some young dogs, especially if they come from a shelter or rescue, may not have been housebroken reliably. But trainin... Read More »

What should you do if your 3-year-old will poop in the potty but will not pee in the potty and you are getting pressure from his school to the point that the director suggested you spank or punish him?

Answer tell him that the potty is for both and reward him for using the potty for both. when he doesn't, make him sit on the potty for 5 minutes, its cold, its hard, but its not a spanking. expl... Read More »

How can you potty train a 3 year old girl that wont use the potty?

you say if u go to the bathroom i will give u a treat usually this works