Pottermore doubt!!!!!!!!?

Answer Become a ghost reader !

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Pottermore sorting hat ?

I am really not bothered what house I get sorted into, however there is a sort of stigma that surrounds slytherin, what ever house I get in to (eventually) I will be happy with.:P good luck

Day 3 Registration for Pottermore?

Samee, do you want to work together as a team? Where are you from? I am from UK, so different time zones could help us :D

What is "Pottermore"?

well pottermore is basically harry potter heaven just online. Its a website where you go that only allows a certain amount of “members” ( which is now closed) it is a like a Harry Potter facebo... Read More »

How to Duel on Pottermore?

Pottermore is a website for fans of Harry Potter made by the author, JK Rowling. Users can earn points for their Hogwarts house on Pottermore. One way to do this is to duel. Dueling might seem conf... Read More »