Pottermore- No validation email. Help!?

Answer It's happening to everyone. Lets just be patient.

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I can't submit my email on Pottermore?

Don't worry. I have been trying like MAD ever since the site went up. The same thing has been going up for me. TWICE I got to put in my email, and both times it said error. Great. Back to hitting t... Read More »

Verizon - Blackberry email validation error?

I wish I could help, im searching for an answer because it happened to me as well with my Yahoo acct and Blackberry 8830.So far I am checking for software updates on Verizon's blackberry website an... Read More »

What is "Pottermore"?

well pottermore is basically harry potter heaven just online. Its a website where you go that only allows a certain amount of “members” ( which is now closed) it is a like a Harry Potter facebo... Read More »

So, what's YOUR Pottermore username!?

I like your username. Mine is PurpleMoonstone.I'm looking forward to getting sorted into a house, I'm not sure where I will be sorted but I can't wait to find out more about the house I am sorted i... Read More »