Pottermore- No validation email. Help!?

Answer It's happening to everyone. Lets just be patient.

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I can't submit my email on Pottermore?

Don't worry. I have been trying like MAD ever since the site went up. The same thing has been going up for me. TWICE I got to put in my email, and both times it said error. Great. Back to hitting t... Read More »

Verizon - Blackberry email validation error?

I wish I could help, im searching for an answer because it happened to me as well with my Yahoo acct and Blackberry 8830.So far I am checking for software updates on Verizon's blackberry website an... Read More »

Im missing 2 pottermore Chocolate frog cards plz help !!?

Location of chocolate frog cards in PottermoreFor those who need a little help locating them.Morgana - Chapter 6: Moment 2 - On the seat.Albus Dumbledore - Chapter 6: Moment 2 - In the trunk under ... Read More »

Help. How do I email a large file attachment: 40MB My email limit is 25MB. Is a site like safe?

Hello. Its very simple problem. You can upload this file in Google and send the link or you can divide your file into two part. Like as (15+25) or as you wish. Your given site is safe. You can use ... Read More »