Potted plant loves sun?

Answer It depends on the species of plant in the pot. All potted plants will need light but some are shade loving and will not grow well if placed in direct sunlight. Have a look at the instructions that ... Read More »

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How do I defungi plant potting soil in a potted plant?

Getting Rid of FungusRemove any visible fungus with a small hand shovel. Shovel the remaining soil into polypropylene bags, two lb. at a time. Put the bag with the soil into the microwave, and cook... Read More »

How do I determine the sex of a potted plant?

Wait for the plant to bloom. Examine the flowers. Look for male blossoms, which have a filament and an anther, which is a long, thin stalk-looking part with a swollen end. The swollen end is the an... Read More »

How to Trim a Potted Lavender Plant?

Lavender is a perennial, fragrant flowering plant that can be grown directly in the garden or in pots. No matter where it is grown, it benefits from occasional pruning. If you do not trim your lave... Read More »

How do you care of potted rue herb plant?

Dishwasher JobsThis usually isn't the sort of job where you need a resume. At most, your prospective employer might ask you to fill out a job application. In this case, they will have a pre-printed... Read More »